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  • "Optics was the fastest way for us to take GraphQL projects from prototype to production." -James Baxley III, Director of Engineering
  • "Using Optics, my team was able to pinpoint places to improve GraphQL performance." -Daniel Rinehart, Software Engineer
  • "Optics gave us GraphQL insights that no other tool could." -Harris Tsim, Head of Engineering

Analytics for GraphQL

Optics is engineered specifically to deliver app insights for popular GraphQL
servers. Answer tough performance questions where existing tools fall short.
Get insights in minutes » Apollo supports

Supported Servers

Fix performance hotspots

Identify queries that require attention and optimization through latency histograms and usage benchmarks. Find performance problems »

Visualize everything

Inspect and analyze the usage of your entire GraphQL schema through resolver execution frequency across queries. Analyze your app »

The easiest way to get insights about GraphQL

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