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Essentials Plan
< 10,000 (Free Developer Tier)
< 1,000,000
< 5,000,000
< 25,000,000
< 100,000,000
Over 100,000,000
Frequently asked questions
What counts as a GraphQL request for Optics pricing?
Any API request received by a GraphQL server that is instrumented by Optics counts toward an account’s total monthly request volume.
What happens if I exceed my monthly request volume limit?
If you exceed the 10,000 monthly volume limit on the free Developer plan, you'll need to upgrade to a paid Optics account to continue. If your paid Optics account exceeds the monthly request volume tier, your account will be automatically upgraded to the next tier and billed accordingly.
Is there a free edition of Optics available?
Optics is free to use, upto 10,000 query requests a month. Beyond that volume limit, you'll need to pay to use Optics.
Can I cancel?
By default, Optics is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time from within your Optics account. Users can also downgrade from a paid edition of Optics to the free Developer edition.
Is discounted annual pricing available?
By default, Optics is billed as a monthly subscription. If you would like to pre-pay for an annual Optics subscription, you will receive a discount for annual billing. For annual billing options, contact sales.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept major credit cards for monthly or annual billing, paid in advance as a subscription. If you would like to get invoiced or pay us another way please contact sales.
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