The essential companion for GraphQL
Visualize, monitor and scale your GraphQL services with Apollo Optics
Free up to 1 million requests/monthFull pricing details
Trace how your queries run. Optimize your resolvers. Improve page load times.
Identify performance trends. See everything, focus on what matters.
Understand how your API is used. Manage changes, versions, and deprecations.
Why Optics
Slow page load time?
See how query execution impacts performance
  • Trace the execution of resolvers
  • Find the time to resolution
  • Trace samples for every query duration
Analyze your queries
Trace Picture
How is your schema being used?
See which fields on your schema are used and when
  • Field usage by percent
  • Average time to resolve a field
  • Total impact of a field
View schema usage
Fields Picture
How Optics Works
Install the Optics Agent
Capture traces for each query
Statistically sample and aggregate
Pre-aggregate for flexible queries
Optimize storage for fast access
Explore and interact in real time
Optics agent
Optics service
Optics is an essential part of your product lifecycle.
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