Optics is Free Forever
Up to 1 million requests per month
Fine grained GraphQL tracing
GraphQL performance trends
GraphQL schema usage
3 days retention
Add-Ons and High Volume
Pro add-on
For mission critical GraphQL apps
30 day data retention
Performance review with a GraphQL expert
Private Slack channel with Apollo engineers
Prioritized support
paid annually, $499/mo paid monthly
High Volume Options
Request volume based monthly subscriptions
5 million requests $149/month
25 million requests $299/month
100 million requests $599/month
Over 100 million Contact Us.
* A request is a GraphQL query or mutation monitored by Optics.
How does High volume pricing work?
If you sign up for a high volume pricing plan, your credit card will be billed each month based on the volume used.
Can I cancel?
Yes, anytime. By default, Optics is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time by contacting us from within your Optics account.
Do you offer prepaid discounts?
Yes. If you would like to pre-pay for an annual Optics subscription, contact sales.
Apollo Optics is the easiest way to get insights about GraphQL
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